Monday, March 20, 2017

Congratulations to BH-BL Drama Clubs!

Well, our BH-BL Drama Clubs artfully dodged the snowstorm and hit back to back home runs over the past 10 days!  The buzz over the exciting and highly entertaining performance of Shrek Jr. at the Middle School last weekend had not yet subsided when our varsity troupe took to the stage on Friday night. The high school musical, Legally Blonde,  was amazing. The cast and crew created a masterpiece of song, dance, comedy, acting, set design, music, sound, and lighting that just leaped off the stage and left us smiling all weekend long. 

At the risk of leaving any of the incredible student performers out, I won't name names- but if you saw the show I am sure you will agree that Director Eric Shovah and his team did an awesome job casting. We have such a deep talent pool and it seemed like each student actor developed and performed their role perfectly. I have watched these young men and women acting for five years now and yet it took me half way through some of the initial scenes before I realized who they were- they were so believable in these roles! 

The crew was amazing as well.The sets they designed were so clever and fantastic (as always). I don't remember a play that changed scenes so seamlessly. You hardly noticed that one scene was over as the next one began...  The sorority house, the Harvard classroom, the courtroom... even the bathroom seemed to appear instantly while the audience was still laughing and applauding at what had just previously occurred. The sound and lighting complimented the show perfectly. The costumes were spectacular. Oh, and thanks for the little "Easter eggs" hidden on stage. :) 

Thank you Director Shovah. Thanks also to Eric's wife Heather D'Arcy for her work as Choreographer. Thanks to Ben O'Shea and the pit orchestra, Rob Soricelli (Vocals) and Dottie Savatore (Producer/Playbill). Thanks also to Mialisa Lindholm, Marcia Szablewski, and Laura Weaver for their part in the success of the production. Thanks and congratulations to Ann Derrick (Drama Club Co-Advisor & Chief Shoulder to Cry On), Danielle Manning (The Costumer!), and, of course, Chris Lombardi (the One and Only). 

If you saw Shrek Jr. last weekend you can understand the incredible foundation that our kids have in theater. Special thanks to Suzanne and John Rayome and Amy Clark and the entire O'Rourke production staff as well! 

Thank you to all of the students involved in the cast and crew of both shows. Thank you for sharing your talent and giving us something to laugh at and learn from.  

After experiencing great productions like these, I walk away feeling like I had a chance to experience something both significant and fleeting. It is an odd juxtaposition.  Our students and staff come together for an intense period of time to bring forth a powerful and memorable product. It shines brightly for a time... and then wisps away.  But its impermanent nature makes it all the more special. 

At both O'Rourke last week and at the high school this past weekend, something very lasting was created... for just a moment in time. If you were there to experience it, you know what I mean! 

Patrick M. McGrath Jr., Ph.D.        
Superintendent of Schools
Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Central Schools
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